Lash Lift Kit
Lash Lift Kit
Lash Lift Kit
Lash Lift Kit
Lash Lift Kit
Lash Lift Kit
Lash Lift Kit
Lash Lift Kit

Lash Lift Kit

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A Professional Lash Lift For A Fraction Of The Price - Only With Our Viral Kit 😍
Imagine waking up daily to perfectly curled eyelashes with ZERO work. The Lash Lift kit is made to spark a light in your confidence - leaving you with perfectly luscious lashes for up to 8 weeks per use! It’s a more efficient and significantly cheaper alternative to normal lash perm appointments that you can enjoy in the comfort of your own home and share with friends!
It can’t get better than that right? It does! Each kit contains enough product to repeat the process 16-20 times! It’s a no brainer - roll out of bed on those lazy days and still have voluminous lashes without even thinking about it.
Don’t waste your time and money at long, expensive lash perm appointments - make it an awesome experience with our kit! We really strive to bring out the true beauty in your natural lashes first - then you can pair any product you like for the ultimate effect!
  • Suitable for all lash types/lengths
  • The results last 8 weeks and there's 16-20 uses per kit! That's more than two years of beautiful lashes!
  • The Lash Lift Kit is a cheaper and effective alternative to eyelash perms and extensions
  • ZERO maintenance required after use - care-free and confident!
  • Gentle on the eyes - No irritation!
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* It's recommended to keep your lashes dry for 24 hours after the lift for the best results! Results vary depending on which sized lift pad you use.
Kit Includes:
1. Lift Pads - 5 sizes included for a different curl
2. 3x Y-shaped Perming Brushes - Helps to brush lashes to the silicone pads
3. Perm Agent - Provides curl and volume to your lashes.
4. Fixation Agent Helps to keep your lashes in position for about two months (per use)
5. Nourishing Agent Repairs, Protects, Grows and Moisturizes your lashes.
6. Cleanser Removes adhesive residue.
7. Glue for Lift Pads Washable + Easy to Use. Keeps lift pads in place + your eyelashes attached to the pad.
8. Directions (Included in pic slideshow above as well)

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